Angels In My Hand

Meet karl.

He Changes Lives using Coffee... Lids



The Book


God works in mysterious ways.  Karl's first book shares his journey into his unique calling.

Karl hands out coffee can lids... made into angels.

God pursues us in ways we can’t imagine. This book is a revelation of how God is willing to prove that.”
— Linford D. King


A Simple Message

Karl's ministry focuses on hope.  Karl's message is simple - Nomatter what people endure in life, God is there to love them unconditionally.

Angels In My Hand follows the humble journey of a husband and father as he discovers his ministry - making angels out of coffee can lids.  Sometimes unwilling. Always prompted.

Meet people from all different backgrounds and faiths. Young and Old. Healthy and Sick. All whose lives were changed because of a coffee can lid made into an angel and handed to them in a white box.

Hope in the form of an angel. 

Your faith will be challenged. Your spirit will be unlifted. You will never look at a coffee can lid the same way again.
— Justin Rule

One man's journey through spiritual growth to a ministry of hope 



about Karl

Karl has been involved in ministry and evangelism for over 30 years. After going through a number of personal life struggles, he decided to give his life to ministering to others, reaching out and encouraging believers and non-believers, with his homemade angels. 

Karl lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife Barb and two grown daughters - Angie and Lindsey. He has also been employed at Armstrong World Industries, Inc for 37 years. He attends Neffsville Mennonite Church in Lancaster.

This is his first book, but the story continues.


Hope can be found in the most unlikely circumstances





Karl's book is available on Amazon for $9.99 (USD)

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